Are You Protecting your people from flying glass hazards?

We live in a far from perfect world. Whether it's man or nature, destructive forces are all around us. For over 30 years, Security film increase protection against everything from criminal acts, to catastrophic events.

Earthquakes. Chemical explosions. Bomb blasts. Theft. Vandalism. All of these events can cause massive damage to our homes and businesses, and in many cases, can prove lethal. The addition of films and our safety anchoring restraint systems dramatically improve security for buildings of all kinds.

Anti-Intrusion Security Film
Safety Window Film
Anti-Graffiti Solution
Blast Mitigation Window Film

Windows are, and always have been, the quickest way for people to gain access to someplace they're not supposed to be. Madico's SafetyShield® 1500 stops these intruders in their tracks. When struck, the glass will break, but not shatter, preventing the intruder from entering quickly, and leaving him wondering what to do next. In most cases, the answer is simple: move on. SafetyShield® 1500 is among the first films in the world to pass the UL972 standard for Anti-Intrusion - making it the easy choice to help secure your home or business from theft and intrusion.

Blast Protection
The powerful blast from a bomb can cause immeasurable destruction. It would seem that windows shattering would be the least of it, but a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. Flying glass shards are what many times causes severe injury, and even death.


Chosen as BC's SafetyShield Premier Partner

Madico Window Films has selected an elite group of safety film professionals to sell and install our advanced SafetyShield® blast mitigation systems. Smartfilms have undergone extensive training through the SafetyShield® program in order to ensure the proper implementation of these sophisticated systems. Together, our Premier Partners form a global network of blast mitigation specialists available to work on installations throughout the world.