SF-Spandrel Plus

SF Spandrel™+  typically specified for buildings' non-vision areas to mask construction materials

To cover non-visible areas a so-called spandrel glass is typically used. Spandrel's primary function is to cover materials or construction elements from being viewed from the exterior of the building. Our film can be applied directly to existing glazing units saving building owners high cost and down time. Examples include areas between floors, hung ceiling areas, knee-wall areas below vision lights, and even columns or partitions. 

SF Spandrel™+  let you harmonize the glass with the vision areas of your building. You can choose from many patterns and solid colours to give you the flexibility to design a distinctive look. We are pleased to assist you in selecting the optimum product for use in your spandrel design, without the high cost of glass replacement. 

For Specification Guide or for more information on SF-Spandrel+ please contact us at 604.438.3456 or email us: inquiry@smartfilms.ca

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