SF Surface+ is a self-adhesive vinyl film with a pressure sensitive adhesive and release paper. It is commonly applied to wall panel systems, casework, store fixtures, columns, doors, elevators, healthcare workstations, etc.

Both the printing and emboss processes are manufactured using state-of-art technology that depict real natural aesthetics including real wood veneers, marble, granite, ceramics, leather, metals, etc. SF + Surface is CLASS A Fire rated by UL-723 and ASTM E-84 testing.

SF Surface+with 1200 + finishes provide cost effective alternative solutions that greatly reduces the overall cost and DOWN TIME. This means businesses continue to operate while at the same time minimize LOST REVENUES during renovations.

SF Surface+ is commonly applied as a resurfacing film over smooth, solid and non-porous surfaces such as High Pressure Laminates, melamine, aluminum and other metal surfaces. The application should be performed by a Trained Certified Installer to ensure a satisfactory installation.

SF Surface+ is also LEED POSITIVE because of the sustainability that it provides to many existing projects without the need to rebuild and/or to fill up the landfills with demolition waste.

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